Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Secara amnya, perlembagaan merupakan suatu kumpulan undang-undang yang tertinggi untuk menentukan bagaimana pemerintahan sesebuah negara itu mesti dijalankan. Perlembagaan sesebuah negara menerangkan dan memperuntukkan kuasa-kuasa yang dimiliki oleh pelbagai anggota negara itu, seperti hak-hak yang dimiliki oleh orang yang diperintah dan perhubungan antara yang memerintah dengan diperintah. Seperti negara lain yang berdaulat di dunia, Malaysia juga mempunyai satu perlembagaan yang berfungsi sebagai undang-undang tertinggi negara. Perlembagaan Malaysia adalah perlembagaan bertulis yang dikanunkan dalam sebuah buku. Kontradiknya, United Kingdom hanya berpaksikan kepada jenis perlembagaan yang tidak bertulis.

            Pada mulanya, Perlembagaan Malaysia dikenali sebagai Perlembagaan Tanah Melayu. Perlembagaan tersebut mengandungi 183 perkara dan diasaskan melalui dokumen Perjanjian Persekutuan Tanah Melayu 1948 dan Perlembagaan Kemerdekaan 1957. Selepas pilihan raya pada tahun 1955, parti perikatan yang menang secara majoriti dan menjadi kerajaan pemerintah telah menuntut agar pihak penjajah British mengadakan satu persidangan perlembagaan di London. Persidangan tersebut telah berjaya menubuhkan sebuah Suruhanjaya Perlembagaan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu yang dipengerusikan oleh Lord Reid (England), Sir Ivor Jennings (UK), Sir William Makell (Australia), B. Malik (India) dan juga Hakim Abdul Malik (Pakistan). Orang luar telah dilantik dalam penggubalan perlembagaan ini untuk mencegah daripada masalah berat sebelah berlaku.

Perlembagaan yang digubal adalah bertujuan untuk menjamin keutuhan dan kedaulatan negara, menjadi sumber rujukan untuk menyelesaikan masalah yang timbul, mewujudkan kestabilan dalam negara, mengawal perjalanan pihak kerajaan dan juga mengekalkan keamanan dalam sesebuah negara. Suruhanjaya Reid telah mengadakan referendum dalam kalangan penduduk Tanah Melayu termasuk orang awam, parti politik, badan awam dan sebagainya. Pada bulan Oktober 1956, Suruhanjaya Reid telah menerima 131 cadangan daripada penduduk yang menetap di Tanah Melayu. Akhirnya, draf tersebut telah diluluskan bagi membolehkan Tanah Melayu menjadi sebuah negara yang berdaulat dan merdeka.

Perlembagaan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu 1957 masih dikuatkuasakan sehingga ke hari ini dengan berasaskan kepada beberapa pindaan yang telah dilakukan. Tamsilnya, pindaan yang dibuat ialah Akta Malaysia Perkara 1(1) dan (2) untuk kemasukan Sabah, Sarawak dan Singapura ke dalam Tanah Melayu. Pada tahun 1954, rundingan kemerdekaan yang diketuai oleh Tunku Abdul Rahman di London telah gagal kerana British menganggap bahawa Tanah Melayu belum bersedia untuk diberi kemerdekaan penuh. Pada Januari 1956, Tunku Abdul Rahman telah mengadakan rundingan buat kali yang kedua di London untuk membuat rundingan berkenaan tarikh kemerdekaan untuk negara serta membincangkan tentang Penggubalan Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Rundingan tersebut berlangsung dari 18 Januari hingga 6 Februari 1956 dan dikenali sebagai London Constitutional Conference 1956. Hasil daripada konferensi itu, Britain bersetuju untuk memberikan kemerdekaan kepada Tanah Melayu serta menubuhkan suruhanjaya bebas untuk membentuk Perlembagaan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. Nama Perlembagaan Tanah Melayu telah dipinda kepada Perlembagaan Persekutuan Malaysia pada 16 September 1963 selepas pembentukan Malaysia.

            Tuntasnya, perpaduan dan kerjasama yang jitu daripada masyarakat Malaysia adalah menjadi tonggak utama dalam menggerakkan sistem perlembagaan yang telah dirangka di negara kita. Sesungguhnya, anak watan Malaysia haruslah menyematkan semangat perpaduan yang tinggi dalam diri masing-masing kerana perpaduan dalam kalangan masyakarat yang berbilang kaum merupakan asas kepada keteguhan sesebuah negara. Perlembagaan negara adalah menjadi penanda aras bagi menjamin kestabilan sesebuah negara. Perlembagaan yang telah dirangka haruslah dipatuhi agar negara kita tidak mudah goyah dengan anasir luar yang mampu meranapkan peradaban bangsa dan negara kita.       

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Giveaway Prizes

Hello guys! Today's entry is about the prizes that I have won from Instagram. So lately, I've joined few contests from Instagram and my luck is on my behalf 😊 My first attempted went well because I got a vintage saddle bag from @jacquezel (based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah) They sell good quality leather bags, purse, tags, clutch and many more. The saddle bag is worth RM189 each! So, I tried my luck by giving a caption about "why I want to win the saddle bag" below the picture that they've posted on their Instagram. To be honest, I found out that my caption wasn't good enough as compared to the other girls' awesome caption. (Number of women who joined that contest : more than 200++) They even know how to play with words (put rhythm and bombastic words inside their caption). "Well, just trying my luck," I reminded myself. Unexpectedly, I won the contest!!! They only picked 1 winner. I just got back from school and I checked my Ig account. I was beyond happy! My fingers were trembling as I was trying to reply to their post. I told my younger sister about that but she just kept quiet. I knew, she envy me hahahahahaha. The saddle bag looks pretty and just nice! Moving on to the next prize! Presilla Errie made a giveaway contest on her Ig account last year. She picked 2 winners- so I re-posted the giveaway picture on my account and thank God, I managed to be the second winner for that giveaway contest. I won a customized notebook worth RM25 each. Third one, I won a "line" power bank from @number_twenty2. They picked out 4 random names from the comment section and my name was in! The power bank is worth RM69 each. They picked out the names after they reached 11.5k followers. Lastly, I won a selfie ring from @ata_closet. It was a random pick actually. Blessed to have the chance to be the winner tho. Gonna keep on trying. Free items are good 👍🏽

Second giveaway prize

My first giveaway prize

Third giveaway prize

Monday, 24 April 2017

My Life Chapter 59 : Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser

Officially 20 years old and I'm feeling so old right now. Like, heyyy, I still act like a kid and I'm not ready to face the reality. I'm going to pursue my studies on September and it's freakin 4 months and idk how many days left. Two days ago, I went outside (terrace) on evening, enjoying the breeze and the pleasing scenery (paddy fields in front of our house, ofc). Just perfect! My thoughts drift away. I felt blue. By the way, I help my auntie to look after her shop while waiting for the UPU result to come out on July, I guess. My salary is not that big, but I admit it, I gain a lot of experience while working here (I use 'here', because I'm still typing this new entry at my at my aunt's shop). Bittersweet memories, I assure. I've been working here since 11 February. Today is April 24th already. Payday is around the corner. My salary is not that big, but I already made a bucket list on the things that I wanted to buy after I get my salary. Last time, I followed my dad to KK and I saw a cute sling bag in Mango- available in nude-colour only (worth RM109 if I'm not mistaken). Sooooo purdyyy!! I'm in lahveee. That's why I save up my money- for unnecessary stuff hahaha. At least, I have a target kan? I'm literally blank right now. Just for the sake of updating my blog btw. Thanks for reading. 

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My Life Chapter 58 : 2 more days to go

Hello earthlings! It's been a while since my last post here. I've been busy doing some course works and I have to cope with my studies for semester 2. Thank God!! I managed to survive in semester 2, because there's a few students that quit from being a form 6 student because of the dumb course works. Eh, I should take back my words. The course works are not dumb, but me, myself, almost give up from doing the course works because they're very confusing and complicated. Despite the hardship that I've been through, God finally give an answer to my prayers! He helped me to control my angers and be patient in every situation. In the midst of hardship, I struggled hard to finish them up because I want good grades for my semester 2. Glad, I managed to finished up my course works and the viva runs smoothly as planned. Hopefully, the lectures will give me a decent and lofty mark for my viva. It  frightens me when it comes to making the preeminent choices for my life. The ultimate answer to that statement is "study". Nevertheless, I'm so lazy in semester 2. What's gotten into me? Can I get good grades? Can I survive in semester 3? Will I be selected to be one of the student in IPG? Those questions always lingering on my mind and I over think sometimes. What to do with my life anymoreeee? Ayaa, I'm sick of this. By the way, Nadia has continue her studies in UiTM. I'm sad *cries inside*. I don't want to cry in front of my friends because I will look awful. She's the type of person where I used to share my thoughts and problems. She would listen to my problems and she's a jovial type of person. I'm glad that I get to know her better. Her real name is Nurul Nadia Syaquira. Sorry, I forgot to mention that earlier haha. 'Thank you' is not enough, but that's the only way I can show my gratitude towards her. When you go back to Tambunan, let's hang out like we used to do before. That's all. To those who are reading this, I wish you have a splendid day. Bye. 

Monday, 13 April 2015

My Life Chapter 56 : Passing by

Hi! Today, I feel like making a new entry. Lately, I've been busy with school works and stuffs. I have a story to share with all of you. This is just my imagination. Once, there was a girl named Edel. She addicted to Insta, WeChat, Facebook and other social sites. She feels like dying if she can't online, even for a day! That night, to be more specific, it was 06th April 2015, she was busy posting random things in WeChat then suddenly, a new noty came. A guy from Sandakan added her on Instagram. After that, the guy added her on WeChat. The girl follow her back on Instagram and confirmed his friend request on WeChat. A few minutes after that, the guy introduced himself on WeChat. A simple "Hi" that meant a lot. Then, they kept on chatting after that incident. The guy is sino. The girl listened to all the covers ( acoustic guitar ) that the guy made on sound cloud and she felt really happy and glad. Edel got a quite decent result on SPM so her old school called her up to come to the school hall to get her reward. She was extremely happy that all her hard work has paid off! That night, the guy congratulated her for her good achievement.  The guy was born on the month of April, just like Edel. Things passed by and they get closer to each others. They shared their past memories and their endless stories. They cheered each others. The guy give the girl a hint, not just a hint, few hints that would brightened the world up. At first, Edel refused to accept the fact but then, the guy felt like giving up. He told Edel that he likes her. Edel was so confused. The guy was longing for Edel's voice, but Edel was too shy to send her voice to him. She just don't have the guts to send it anyway. The guy felt bad and told Edel that maybe he should go away but Edel didn't want to end their relationship yet, just like that. They had an argument but they managed to solved it in no time. Edel wants to learn to speak Chinese from that guy, but she was too shy to ask for it. At night, the girl spent half of her time to chat with the guy. I mean, after they officially date on social sites on the first month of May. Day by day, the guy feels insecure towards the girl. He seems like losing hope. The girl wanted to call him, but she is just a coward, her heart beat is getting faster whenever she was trying to call the guy. The guy didn't like her girlfriend posted her pictures with another guy, dumb posts and he doesn't want the other guys making her girl laugh.The girl didn't get the idea how much the guy loves her. She was just too innocent for a serious relationship, she just want to break free. Edel didn't have feelings towards her friend. To her, all of the boys in her school is just a friend, not more than that.  The guy can't accept the fact. The guy kept on mentioning that the girl plays with her heart. Something really stabbed the girl, right on her chest. She was really sad that the guy didn't believe her words. They kept on arguing and at last, they can't get along. The girl didn't want to fight to get the guy's heart again. She was just too sad to accept the fact that it finally ends. The girl was so stupid, her ego is big and easily lose hope. She hopes that the guy could find a better girl outside there that could take care of him because a long distance relationship is suck. She was dying to meet the guy, and hope that the guy could come to her hometown, just to meet her. The guy also don't have an idea on how much pressure the girl gets when they started arguing at each other. In the end, I blame the girl for her dumbness and coward personality. She wants to end their relationship in a good way but the guy didn't reply her text anymore. There she goes, feels lonely again and blaming herself for what she have done.

That's all. Hope you enjoy reading this :)

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My Life Chapter 55 : SPM RESULT

6A 2A- 1B+ !!!! I've got my SPM result yesterday and I'm beyond blessed! I cried and jumped at the dining room after I saw my SPM result on my phone. I'm still on cloud nine right now. Thank God, I never expect to get such an excellent result! I thought, I will only get 4 or 5As. Even 6As are hard to get. It's a wowwww!!!! Oh my Gosh! Special thanks to God for granted my wish, dedicated and awesome teachers, Mr Fung, parents, cousins and not forgotten, my cool friends. I got B+ for sport science, but it doesn't matter because I didn't work hard and read the textbook on last minute. I got A- for Bahasa Melayu and Ekonomi Asas. Eko, all because of the KBAT thingy. The rest are Bi, Maths, Science, History, Pendidikan Moral and Perdagangan. Congratulations to my friends, ex classmates and PLKN buddies for getting your good result, all of us has done our best. Looking forward for my present, Iphone 6 :)

Friday, 20 February 2015

My Life Chapter 54 : National Service Training Center ( PLKN )

"Selamat malam, salam perpaduan, salam khidmat negara dan salam 1 Malaysia". We should say this word loudly- Malaysia Boleh! I still remember when I said that I hate the fact that I got chosen for PLKN. I cried, home sick and I hate almost everything in PLKN. I highly regret for coming to the police station before ( lapor diri ). I'm suck at being independent. I hate washing clothes manually by using my hands and I was like, screw this, screw that and screw everything up. A few weeks later, I started to like the activities in PLKN. 71 days of experiences are too many to post here. I was in Alpha's company and I stayed at block B. Being the only girl from Tambunan in that dorm doesn't mean I have no friend! I love my dormmates so much. Not forgotten, I also want to say thank you to my PK, Pekerti and KN buddies for being there when I need their help. Kembara halangan, flying fox, wirajaya and latihan menembak with Colt M16 has build up my self confidence and helped me to conquer my fears. At first, I really hate "roll call" but now, I miss penghulu and penghuluwati's voice. They always said, "Baris, baris sedia. Ketua- ketua kompeni, lapor. Rapat tumit, rapar siku, langut, terus pandang hadapan". Ahh, and this one. "Baris, apabila mendapat hukuman, kiri dan kanan pusing, wira berpusing ke kanan, wirawati berpusing ke kiri, barisan, kiri dan kanan, pusing!".
That's that we called bahasa hukuman. Cikgu Ronnie said, "Kiri berasap, kanan berapi. Saudara bukan, adik beradik jauh sekali. 10 1/2, 10 1/2, hentak kaki.. cepat!". That's pretty cool kan? Berakhirlah sudah and Perpisahan termanis are the songs that we kept on singing at PLKN. I miss you guyssssss! Good luck and all the best wira and wirawati harapan bangsa. Kita bagi dia seroja, 1, 2, 3, yeahhhhhhh! I will post the pictures soon. Stay tuned :)

Khidmat komuniti

Company Alpha's flag

Yummy food

Company Alpha

    From left : Jessica ( Tuaran ), Lisly ( KK ), Yit ( KK), Li Ling 
( Tuaran ),  Me ( Tambunan ) and Ellen ( Kota Belud )

Introducing Fazdil @ Pajil from Tuaran

Theme : Cowboy Night, but most of the 'pelatih' didn't wear
the costume based on the theme that has been given.

Group photo. I'm from Alpha and they were from Delta's company.

Hi Malcom!

Guys from Bravo's Company. Congratulations for winning 
the "best company" award! *applause*

Meet Shu Ting from Kota Belud. She's very talented and I can't deny that!
She's pretty, intelligent, knows martial arts, acting, friendly and many more.

Last mass at St. Yohanis Pembaptis's church.

Stupid Moustache